Full Sussex Breakfast

The classic breakfast of bacon and sausage, egg, tomato, mushroom and toast.

A Hove breakfast                  

The more refined version. Two eggs on toast and two grilled rashers of bacon

Full vegetarian breakfast

Our own homemade vegetarian sausages and fritters, corn sauce, organic egg, tomato, mushroom and toasted.

Vegan Breakfast

Homemade vegetarian sausages and fritters, corn sauce, organic baked beans, tomato, mushroom and toasted. Vegan spread for your toast and soya milk.


Scrambled eggs

Simple, rich and creamy, (its Crème Freche) slightly runny scrambled eggs, with a grind of fresh pepper and a pinch of Atlantic sea salt, tomatoes, mushrooms on toast.


Herbed tomatoes and mushrooms on toast

Organic tomatoes and mushrooms served on toast.


Pavilion Rarebit

Our specialty: a vegetarian cheese incorporating the oriental  tastes of the Chinese and Indian Influences of Brighton’s own Royal Palace, on toast. garnished with tomato and mushroom.


Organic porridge and iced gold Whisky

A lovely delicate creamy flavored organic oat with added malted wheat, barley and cranberries. It is said it soaks up cholesterol; can it be that something nice does you good?

If you claim any Scottish ancestors then you can have it served with an iced glass of scotch (claim it anyway it’s a sensational experience)


Boiled duck eggs with soldiers

Or if you don’t feel adventurous free range, organic hens eggs.
The taste is wonderful and with our atlantic sea salt on the side this natural breakfast
truly shows how delicious simple food can be.

Two warm baked croissants

A traditional French breakfast with organic butter, drinking chocolate
or freshly ground coffee.   

New York bagels with a schmear

Somehow, New Yorker's can make a breakfast taken at your desk taste like a food prepared for the gods. Two Bagels baked at a local baker
with a schmear of cream cheese and fresh coffee.

(Ask if we have any weak coffee left standing for three days called our starbuck special!)

There is a choice of fruit juices, grapefruit, orange, prunes, mangoes and our own home made compote, thick and creamy Greek yoghurt. There is also organic muesli, bran and cereals, organic milk and soya milk, jams, peanut butter and honey. You will be served toast, on organic brown or a white seedy bloomer both from a local independent baker and Charlotte’s home made marmalade.

Choice of fair-trade tea or freshly ground fair-trade coffee, hot chocolate. 


Ask about our large choice of herb and fruit teas. Organic preserves and vegan butter is available.

Most of our food is locally soured where practical.


Our Food

Our bacon is the real thing, bought from Westdene butchers. The sausages are always an adventure as we experiment aiming to try at least fifty different varieties in a year. Trevor, our butcher is the most passionate butcher we have found.

Organic free range eggs. sourced from Orchard eggs, where the chickens run free, proof is in the yolk!

Our delicious homemade vegetarian sausages are made with sun-dried tomatoes, paprika and tarragon (we are going through a Cajun or Moroccan phase with these at the moment). The fritter is made from many different seeds, nuts and spices and topped with a delicious corn and mango sauce.

We do use nuts, cereals, fish, eggs, milk, soya, mustard and seeds in the kitchen and we cook in sunflower oil so if you have any allergies please tell us.