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Parking has been improved recently because the whole area has become residential only parking and Hotel guests are able to park in these spaces.

All the other cars that used to take our parking spaces have been excluded.

Bear in mind during very busy periods Brighton is very full and it can occasionally be difficult.

How to park here

There are two methods arrive at the hotel, unload your car by parking on the double yellow line opposite and come in and register. Parking vouchers can be purchased from reception.

Alternatively park at your convenience and a pleasant individual dressed in a Gestapo style outfit will provide you with a voucher costing £60.00 (or £30.00 if you pay promptly). If you park inconsiderately Brighton Council very kindly do re-park the car for you. We cannot recommend this and urge you to see us first.

Transport information

As you are in the transport mode there is a lot more information available if you click on the picture it will transport you into our live city transport information. If you are looking up bus information from the station the bus is a number 7 and it is on Brighton station B under the amazing live bus data.

Alternatively there is a taxi rank at the exit from the station where the fare is around £8 and the journey takes five minutes. 

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